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We supply solutions for your Power Generation challenges which include a full range of Generators for hire in South Africa.

A range of Diesel Generators for planned and emergency applications.



We  offer…

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Supply generators from 20kva – 1200kva

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Towable Generators

Designed for powering remote locations, sporting events and concerts, we collect & deliver.

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We can supply certified industrial plugs and sockets for generator connections.

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Changeover Switch

Change over switches to switch from Mains to Generator and back.

Maintenance Plans

Hassle FREE Maintenance

Let us maintain your pre-existing Generators

“Refueling Services available”


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Tell us what you need

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For your Emergency Outage or a planned project…

  • Designed for powering remote locations, sporting events and concerts.
  • Manual power transfer once generator is on site (building requires pre-wired generator connection panel).
  • Runs on diesel fuel.
  • Ideal for backing up your business.
  • Automatically restores power in seconds – whether you’re open or closed.
  • Powers your business, including critical hard-wired systems like A/C, heat, computers, security systems, refrigerators, freezers, and more.

Minimum Rental Periods

Weekdays – Min 1 day

Weekends – Min 2 days

What we can offer you.

  • A range of 3 phase diesel generators from 20kva to 1200kva are available.
  • Supplying generators, certified cables, distribution boxes, cable tracks, flood lights and florescent lights.
  • Our services include delivery, set up and collection anywhere in Southern Africa
  • We offer an onsite refueling service.
  • Unique synchronizing and load-sharing capabilities.
  • Certified Cabling and change over switches are availble.

Refueling Services

Leave the fuel hassle to us…

Generatores for hire offers all customers the option to make use of our diesel refueling service.

✔ We ensure all your fuelling needs are covered, delivered directly on-site – anywhere in South Africa.

✔ We calculate your fuel needs based on your average usage.

Emergency Fuel supplied day or night.

✔ The highest quality fuels used – free from contaminants.

Generator Service and Preventive Maintenance

All generator sets used for emergency or primary source must have periodic service and maintenance performed.

We offer:

✔ Setting up a planned maintenance schedule.

✔ Performing all associated testing  – Which will insure generator availability upon demand.

✔ Inspect enclosure.

✔ Test the battery.

✔ Inspect belts, lines, hoses, and connectors.

✔ Check exhaust system, and air filter.

✔Annually check the electrical connections, change fluids and filters, and flush the cooling system.

✔Perform load bank testing and fuel reconditioning if needed.


KOHLER-SDMO Generators

SDMO is committed to designing high performance generating sets which offer a demanding standard of quality. To ensure this, SDMO takes great care when selecting materials and equipment and works closely with suppliers who are also market leaders. SDMO and its partners are constantly working together to develop the solutions of the future.


We do not compromise when it comes to the
quality of our Generators

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Power Options

20 – 250kva


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275 – 700kva


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830 – 1200kva


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